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Let us introduce to you another new product from our portfolio. With SOFTIP Happy HR you will obtain everything that you need for a modern human resource management, i.e. from recruitment of new employees, their development and training, till their evaluation and remuneration. Indeed, the solution offers a well-defined organisation scheme, centralised database of employees and associated persons, staff access to selected data, staff records and application approvals via personnel web portal.

Multilingual application

The application language is adaptive according to the needs of individual users.

Independent from legislation

Each function included in the application can be used regardless of the country and its employment legislation.

Independent from payroll software

The application also works regardless of the actual payroll system that you use.

Available anywhere

Work online or on-the-go via your mobile or tablet and your office will be anywhere in the world.

SOFTIP Happy HR contents

Nowadays, SOFTIP HAPPY HR consists of seven basic user-friendly modules which, however, provide everything your personnel managers, management or staff need.

The portal provides access to a variety of selected personnel data for all employees and company managers.

It allows users to electronically perform different approval processes related to applications, e.g. application form for changing a bank account, health insurance company, holiday. This tool helps your employees improve their orientation within the company.

Your employees will obtain access to all selected data
Electronic application forms and related approval processes
Mail notification
Automatic recording

A complex overview of all aspects of position management in a company.

It records all details concerning the organizational units of one or several companies, including the position level, along with the superior-subordinate relative ranks. It facilitates the display and modeling of the organizational chart.

Organizational chart
Planning for change in the organizational structure
Record keeping of people with different employment relationships
Competency and responsability monitoring
Definitions of working conditions and entitlements

It offers variable possibilities to define the assessment criteria for an employee or a group of employees.

The process is carried out through the assessment forms within the set time intervals with the possibility to calculate the salary variable components.

Definition of goals and assessment criteria
Performance assessment
Remuneration and development
Graphical presentation of assessment results

It manages the whole training process in a company

From planning, record keeping to the employee cards update. You can monitor recurring activities, e.g. medical check ups, OHS trainings, machine operation retrainings, etc.

Definition of education requirements
Training record keeping and monitoring
Planning and organizing training events
Email notifications
Electronic applications and approvals
Education cost monitoring
Training assessment by employees
Certificate record keeping

It ensures a centralized record keeping not only for the permanent employees.

Also for the people who have different legal relationship with the company. The recorded data is a basis for other modules.

Personnel and position records
User rights administration

A reliable, modern and complex solution for modern human resource management.

Limitless solution
Safe data
Intuitive use
A solution that you can rely on

"Yet the very first deployed modules have significantly contributed to make our functioning within the HR area and related processes much easier."

Ing. Martin Vlčko

Financial Director and Member of the Board of Directors, SOFTIP, a.s.

Product support

I can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the SOFTIP HAPPY HR system in details

Iveta Koterbová

Product Manager


Essential information on SOFTIP HAPPY HR in 2 minutes.

03.02.2016 - Aplikáciu SOFTIP HAPPY HR môžu od piatka využívať aj interní zamestnanci SOFTIPu. Spoločnosť sa tak rozhodla nielen využívať toto moderné webové riešenie na riadenie ľudských zdrojov vo firme, ale predovšetkým zbierať spätnú väzbu od vlastných pracovníkov, a tým ešte viac urýchliť jeho ďalší vývoj a zdokonaľovanie. Zároveň prebieha aj implementácia SOFTIP HAPPY HR u prvých zákazníkov.

14.01.2016 - Na trh prichádza nová webová aplikácia SOFTIP HAPPY HR pre moderné riadenie ľudských zdrojov. Ako nadstavba nad riešením pre spracovanie miezd je otvorená a kompatibilná s ktorýmkoľvek personálnym a mzdovým systémom. Jednou z jej najväčších predností je tiež schopnosť prispôsobiť sa konkrétnym požiadavkám zákazníka.

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