A specialized software tool designed for record keeping, archiving, and creation of technical documentation in manufacturing enterprises

Technical information system of new generation

MONACO® is a modern specialized software tool to generate, record, and archive technical documentation as well as to plan and manage the subsequent production. Several original functions implemented into the MONACO system have resulted from the long-term experience gained in developing and implementing its predecessor, the SYSKLASS® system, which is currently in use in more than 150 manufacturing enterprises.

Cost reduction

A significant cost and time reduction in creating documents for technical preparation of production

Support for preparing a bid

Easier pricing and scheduling of a product delivery process when preparing a bid

Quick feedback

Response time shortening

Speed and flexibility

The processed TPP documentation of products is used as a base for a quick creation of new documentation..


The possibility to create the so-called concepts of the technical documentation with a direct application of tools to get quick pricing of future products without the need to create detailed technical documentation for bidding processes.


In combination with the SOFTIP ERP systems they present an ideal coverage of all the needs occurred in manufacturing companies.


The MONACO® system as a successor of the SYSKLASS® system is designed for a quick and effective creation of technical documentation for production needs, as well as for archiving the documentation according to the standard ISO 900x, VDA, etc. During the system development we highly appreciated our knowledge and experience gained for over 25 years in more than 150 companies, aimed at engineering, electrotechnics, automotive, furniture and plastics industry using the ancestor of the MONACO® system, the SYSKLASS® system, highly appreciated by professionals.

The application brings a complex support for a manufacturing company.

By dividing the application in modules the customers will gain a possibility to tune the system flexibly according to their needs. They will pay only for the functions or their amount they wish to use.

Job orders
Change process
Expert modules
Tools storage room
Bids - CRM

The MONACO® system is divided into modules with the purpose to meet the customers' requirements better.

We have also implemented some unique solutions in the system to simplify the work across different departments in a manufacturing company. The system is adjustable by users and easily helps them get oriented in the existing technical documentation while keeping the full history of changes. It takes advantage of the latest information technologies regarding the internet communication built on the latest software with the support of the Industry 4 new principles.

Production improvement
Flexibility in production
Time saving
Management of means of production
Reduction of product defects
Full compatibility
Seamless communication
Experienced supplier
Wide range of services
Drag & Drop

Financial savings provided by MONACO

If we put a financial value to the savings achieved by using the system, we will see that the investment will be back in one or two years.

Direct cost reduction
Time saving
Production optimization
Sales optimization

Advantages for users

You will get an interesting view of advantages offered by the MONACO information system, if you consider its functions from the point of view of respective users according to their job position in the organization.

Technical department
Sales department
Management of operations
Reliable data archiving

"System in technical data and comfortable work, from the bid creation till the production process."

Ing. Eva Loučičanová

Head of Technical Preparation of Production, ELBA, a.s., Kremnica

System support

We can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the MONACO

Ján Kapoun

Head of competence center

Several sample screens from the information system

Microsoft® platform – Visual Studio 2010, built on a proved environment of the .NET Framework 4.0. Access to any function from any client on the base of a unified application interface by using the web services. Open and integrable system – MS Office, CAD, ERP. Network communication by the internet protocols with protection (http, https). Support of integration for the XML (MessageQueue, BizTalk, SAP Exchange) based processes. Easy deployment and client application: installation by the internet protocols, automated updates of client applications without the need of the administrator intervention.

On January 1st, 2018 the companies GT Systems 2, s.r.o. and SOFTIP, a. s.were merged; the GT Systems 2 company was terminated without liquidation and was merged with SOFTIP, a. s. The surviving legal company, SOFTIP, a. s., has taken over all rights and commitments of the merged company. Currently, SOFTIP, a.s. takes care of the employees, products and contracts of GT Systems 2.

The advantages and real benefits are outlined in the above-mentioned texts. If you are interested in further details, you can visit the original site.

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