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Information system for insurance claim management in business enterprises

Settle your insurance claims with minimal effort

SOFTIP INSURANCE is an application for maintaining records of insurance contracts, their subjects, insurance risks and claim reports It is designed to process the overall insurance agenda related to claims and to monitor insurance indemnity. The application covers the whole process, including e-mail notifications to the responsible employees. It has been created for organisations with a large agenda of insurance claims that need to monitor their insurance indemnity. The system consists of both office and mobile applications.

Detailed register of contracts and reports

Register of insurance contracts, claims and reports, including coordinates, documents, mail communication with insurance companies and responsible persons.

Notifications and document attachment

Register of photo documentation and other documents related to contracts, reports and claims, including mail communication with insurance companies and responsible persons. Automated e-mail notifications sent to designated recipients in case of any urgent events.

Effective monitoring and assessment

Monitoring and assessment of insurance claim and contract completion, including the possibility to monitor their completion on the part of insurance companies.

Damage documentation

Keeping records of damage documentation related to the respective insurance claims through supplier invoices for assistance associated with settling your claim, and so minimising the extent of damages.

Mobile application

This application allows on-the-spot recording and reporting of your claim. A native application installed and run in a mobile device, designed for mobile phones with OS Android version 4.2 or higher, available via web browser.
The application also:

Records the insurance claim right on the spot

Forms respective documents and attaches them to the claim

Records the location coordinates of the incident

Sends the report and starts up mail notifications

Office application

The application provides registration, realisation and monitoring of the whole process related to the claim settlement, including:

register of insurance contracts and related documentation

register of claims

register of insured events extracted directly from the report

automated attachments of documents and photos

mail notifications sent to responsible employees or brokers

monitoring and documenting of damages

register of other people´s insurance claims and damages caused to other people´s property

assessment of insurance claim and contract completion

recording of mail notification history and history of changes

Target customers

It is designed for organisations which process a large agenda of insurance claims that need to monitor their completion and that:

administer properties with a high risk of damage occurrence

administer properties located in different places

get a high rate of insurance claims

Need to speed up the process of claim reporting and its settlement

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