Author Royalties

Information system for calculations of author and artist royalties

The joy of making art

Information system SOFTIP Author Royalties is an application which allows keeping records of authors and artists, calculating royalties and related documentation processing. Everything according to the current Slovak legislation.

Records of authors, artists and contracts

The basic element of the system is the possibility of keeping the records of authors and artists, their contracts and advance wage payments.

Automated generation of accounting entries

Automated generation of accounting entries and transfer orders is indispensable.

Calculation of royalties and payments into funds

SOFTIP Author Royalties application permits users to calculate multiple royalties based on the recorded contracts, as well as to carry out taxation of invoiced royalties or calculation of payments into funds.

Generation of overviews and reports

The application allows customers to generate overviews and reports of the following type: summary of royalties, confirmations of royalty payment and accounting, reports of paid and untaxed royalties, notifications to funds.

Target customers

Information system SOFTIP Author royalties is an application designed for organisations that:

calculate artist and author royalties for publishing in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV

perform payments into funds from the calculated royalties (literary fund, artistic fund, etc…)

send notifications of payments into funds, everything according to the Slovak legislation.

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