Doing business is making the right decision at the right time. SOFTIP Management Information System (SOFTIP MIS/BI) is a complex information-based solution for a quick and easy planning and decision-making process concerning management.

SOFTIP MIS / BI your one and only version of the truth

SOFTIP Management Information System provides top managers and other executive managers with relevant information from all available data sources independent from the production information system for managerial decision support. Thanks to the SOFTIP MIS Business Intelligence Solutions, managers at all levels are informed on the results of their departments. The data is fully consistent, which means that there is only one version of the truth in your company.

Large volumes of data in a comprehensible form

The data warehouse imports all necessary data into the so-called OLAP cubes which modify large volumes of data into an easily available and comprehensible form.

Quick and user-friendly implementation

Pre-configured and easily implementable version of SOTIP MIS demands minimal sources, either personnel or financial.

Consolidation of data from different IS

The system can import data from SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS, SAP or any other production IS. It is also possible to integrate structured data from auxiliary MS Excel files.

Dashboards as an effective enterprise-wide decision support system

SOFTIP Dashboards provide well-arranged and rich sources of information for executives and business across platforms and devices. You can visualize your data by selecting the most appropriate graphical element, such as graphs, data cards, gauges, maps, etc.

Key characteristics SOFTIP MIS

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is vital that you have knowledge of the current situation and development of your company. Although you have never been let down by your intuition and experience, correct data should play a critical role in your business.

A tried & tested system

SOFTIP employees have years of practical hands-on experience with SOFTIP MIS implementation in more than 100 companies (using the MS platform since 1999).

Quick access to information
Automated data collection
Intuitive environment
Unified database
Processing data from multiple organizations
Open to the future development
Desktop monitors (dashboards)
Available also via mobile devices

A standardized solution based on the SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS information system

Its modules can be subsequently widened. Moreover, it is possible to add other modules from different areas, whether based on the SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS system or other information systems which can provide required data.

Balance sheet
Profit and loss statement
Financial indicators
Cost-benefit analysis
Investment property

Data visualization possibilities

SOFTIP BI consists of the combination of both SOFTIP DWH data warehouse and Power BI user interface by Microsoft. SOFTIP DWH creates a consistent database, automatically updated on a regular basis. Power BI dashboards import data from the mentioned database and provide users with an overview of company´s key indicators. Dashboards are available on all devices, e.g. desktops, mobiles, tablets. This demo shows dashboards from different areas, which means that they are tailored for the respective executives, regarding the analysis of their individual needs.

"SOFTIP MIS is of a great help, especially when comparing the previous periods or planning."

Darina Mokráňová

Executive Director, INDEX NOSLUŠ s.r.o

System support

I can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the SOFTIP Management Information Systems.

Igor Gašparík

Product Manager

06/09/2016 – A detailed HR overview. This could be the most suitable description of the SOFTIP MIS MPP widened package deployment in INDEX NOSLUŠ. It also confirms the satisfaction of one of the most significant Slovak HR companies with the SOFTIP solutions.

06/05/2015 – If a company wants to manage its production and sales processes effectively, it needs a modern management information system. Particularly, if almost 80% of the company´s production is exported.

Do MIS môžu vstupovať údaje z rôznych primárnych zdrojov – môže to byť SOFTIP PROFIT PLUS, SAP ale aj akýkoľvek iný IS, ktorý dokáže poskytnúť potrebné dáta. Môžu to byť aj dáta, ktoré sú evidované iba v súboroch (napr. plány v MS Excel). Potrebné údaje sú z týchto dátových zdrojov periodicky (napríklad každú noc) automatizovane importované do dátového skladu. Už nad dátovým skladom je možné robiť základné reporty.

Dáta z dátového skladu sú však kvôli ešte efektívnejšiemu prístupu k nim importované (tiež automatizovane) do tzv. OLAP kociek. OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) je technológia uloženia dát v databáze, ktorá umožňuje usporiadať veľké objemy dát tak, aby boli dáta prístupné a zrozumiteľné používateľom zaoberajúcim sa ich analýzou. Používatelia sa potom prostredníctvom klientskych aplikácií pripájajú na OLAP kocky a tvoria potrebné analýzy, reporty, porovnania.

Je to nástroj na tvorbu webových reportov. Tento nástroj okrem iného umožňuje automatické zasielanie reportov používateľom formou mailu.

Od verzie 2010 sú v ňom implementované funkcie umožňujúce efektívny prístup k údajom v OLAP kockách, tým pádom predstavuje najrozšírenejší nástroj pre prezentáciu dát.

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