Aerial monitoring

A complete offer of unmanned aerial monitoring, pictures and imaging. This is the latest news in our product portfolio.

Unmanned survey, monitoring and patrolling

Thanks to the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or simply “drones”) and complete software and technical equipment we can provide you with a complex unmanned monitoring, including processing of captured data. Visual inspection of less-accessible sites, health condition of crops, technical condition of buildings, survey of wild animals, monitoring of natural disasters or creation of orthophoto maps will be quick, easy and safe, if you use unmanned devices.

Professional unmanned devices

SOFTIP can conduct several professional unmanned devices equipped with top technology for taking aerial photos and imaging (with fixed wing or quadcopters).

Photogrammetry laboratory

SOFTIP has a modern laboratory fitted with top software and technology in order to process captured data.

In line with legislation

SOFTIP has met all terms and conditions established by the valid legislation and holds a licence granted by the Transport Authority of the Slovak Republic to perform aerial services using unmanned devices. SOFTIP has also accomplished the conditions defined by the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic in the area of unmanned monitoring, taking aerial photos and imaging.

Welcome to the Drone Age

Although the unmanned planes were originally developed for armies, we are gradually discovering their big potential, using them not only for high-quality imaging, but also for much more effective purposes.

Endless amounts of solutions

SOFTIP provides complex services of unmanned monitoring, involving creation of topographic maps, basic documentation for the protection of water and soil resources, services for farmers and foresters, meteorological surveys, hydrological studies.

Forestry and nature protection
Construction sector and industry

"Aerial monitoring allows us to perceive the world in a different way that we are accustomed."

Marek Sedliak

Chief Innovation Officer

System support

I can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the Aerial monitoring in your company.

Marek Sedliak

Chief Innovation Officer
Aerial monitoring

06.10.2016 - Kompletná ponuka bezpilotného monitoringu, fotografovania a snímkovania zo vzduchu – to je novinka v portfóliu služieb spoločnosti SOFTIP. Pomocou bezpilotných zariadení (alebo jednoducho "dronov") a najnovšieho softvérového a technologického vybavenia je schopná zabezpečiť komplexný bezpilotný prieskum vrátane spracovania zosnímaných údajov.

The difference is big at first sight. While hobby drones are mostly made of plastic and their price is about 200 euros, professional devices are made of sophisticated materials as carbon or aluminium with the corresponding price and performance. Professional drones are also equipped with a thermal or multispectral camera which hobby drones miss completely. 

Slovak legislation in this area is quite strict. SOFTIP for example has the certificate to perform the aviation works, as well as the industrial safety certificate and certificate of professional competence to control unmanned devices.

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