Social responsibility

Protecting the environment, improving the quality of education and the quality of health and life. These are the main areas in which we have been working at SOFTIP for a long time and in which we want to actively participate together with our employees.

We strive to be as considerate of the planet as possible

We meet the strictest standards

For several years now, we have implemented an Environmental Management System (ISO 14 001) within IMS. And although our negative impact on the environment is minimal, we evaluate it every year and take measures to reduce it.

We minimize waste

We try to minimise the waste that we create and we separate waste at all workplaces. For stronger motivation of our colleagues, we have removed trash bins from beneath the desks.

We care about the sustainability of gifts

When choosing promotional items, we take into account their carbon footprint and prefer local manufacturers. We try not to create waste and we choose practical gifts that will serve the recipient well for a long time.

We save paper and toners

By a conscious approach to printing, we reduce toner and paper consumption. And when we do have to print something, for example, because we are required to do so by law, we use eco-labelled paper.

We make processes electronic

Internally, we use our own applications - such as SOFTIP HAPPY HR, which enables paperless approvals of holidays and educational activities, thus helping to reduce our paper agenda.

We use e-invoices

VIn relation to our customers, we strive to promote electronic invoicing, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on the efficient use of natural resources. That is why we have implemented e-invoicing in our information systems and customer solutions.

We optimise business trips

We use conference calls and remote document sharing to communicate with each other. When choosing company motor vehicles, we put an emphasis on the environmental aspect.

We cycle to work

We support the national Bike to Work campaign. We have created conditions for everyday commuting to work by bicycle, including parking spaces in the underground garage and the possibility to take a shower.

We work ecologically

Our headquarters in the Einsteinova Business Center in Bratislava have received the prestigious green BREEAM certificate at the Excellent level, which is the second highest possible rating. It rightly deserves the designation Green Building.

We inspire each other

As a part of internal communication we increase the environmental awareness of our employees. On the intranet, we exchange personal experiences and inspire each other how to live greener.

For our engagement in the field of corporate social responsibility, we were awarded the title of Exceptional Company

The Certificate of Excellence for 2019 was awarded to us by the renowned certification company TÜV SÜD Slovakia.

Helping is not a duty for us but a privilege

We inspire to blood donation

We organise the SOFTIP BLOOD DROP event in Banská Bystrica, which attracts dozens of volunteers every year at the turn of October and November. The main goals of this event is positive motivation for all those who are considering blood donation.

We are interested in strong human stories

SOFTIP has long been one of the largest supporters of the Down Syndrome Society in Slovakia and we are very happy that our employees have also taken it under their wing. We have long supported the Light of Hope. We provide social assistance to those who need it.

We support sports talents

For several years, SOFTIP has been the titular partner of the Three Kings Night Run through the streets of Banská Bystrica. We support several amateur sports clubs, we organize sports events, including the spring SOFTIP CYKLO TOUR.

We care about the quality of education

We have established long-standing cooperation with schools. We share our know-how in the form of lectures delivered by our employees at schools, or offering free admission to our professional events. We also help with the technical equipment of classrooms or relaxation zones.

30 years,
30 good deeds

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of SOFTIP, we divided 50,000 euros into charitable projects. Employees and the public decided on them.


Charity Christmas stand at the SOFTIP MEETING company team-building event


Sock challenge to raise awareness of Down syndrome