Attendance systems

Do you monitor your staff activities during working hours? Without a compact attendance system and related tools it could be a tedious job. However, the solution for making better use of their working hours is easily accessible.

Our attendance system provides

The attendance system reduces the amount of errors in attendance data processing, improves the quality of working hours by improving employee internal attitude towards job responsibilities (improves employee morale), helps avoid unjustified overtime work. Using the access modules, you can control the entrance into your building facilities and car parking or you can give the entrance permission to an authorized person….

Attendance records
Monitoring of staff activities during working hours
Preparation of basic documentation for pay roll processing

Our attendance system contents

The attendance system is fully integrated with our SOFTIP HUMAN RESOURCES PLUS personnel and payroll information system which provides the information database on employees, so that the attendance system can send the processed attendance data to your staff. Our system can also communicate with other production systems.

The system connects three technical solutions

Attendance and access terminals
Identification media

Meal system

Automated food ordering system has lately become as necessary as attendance system. The system allows users to order their food, using the same ID chips or cards which are used to record attendance and access. The user has only one key for several activities. Computer processed data provides quick and well-arranged output for kitchen performance and meal allowances accounting.

The system is based on deductions or credit. This minimises the flow of cash and reduces the manipulation with meal vouchers, as well as related scams made by consumers or personnel. Implementing the system into practice will maximise the efficiency and improve the kitchen or canteen performance.

"SOFTIP HR solutions are: All in one”

Ivan Benko

IT & Controlling Director, RYBA Košice s. r. o.

System support

I can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the SOFTIP Attendance and Meal Systems in details.

Róbert Lezo

Product Manager
SOFTIP Attendance System

A visual display terminal with identification and a barcode reader form a small-sized compact unit that can be used in highly frequent places. All terminal components are configurable according to the customers´ needs. A resistant and simple construction, ergonomic and comfortable operation. A possibility to connect printers and our HR. Suitable for enterprises where the PCs are not available for all employees.

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