SOFTIP GARANT - designed to support management and performance of pension companies

Two of the eight insurance companies in the Czech Republic administer their accounts thanks to the information system SOFTIP GARANT

A unique system for a unique organisation

SOFTIP GARANT is a group of products designed to support management and performance of pension companies, supplementary pension companies and pension management companies (the second and the third pillar of the pension system).


SOFTIP GARANT information system provides a solution for a pension company´s back-office.


MIS GARANT is a management data warehouse.


webGARANT is an upgrade version of the IS GARANT back office system. Using the web interface, the software supports the communication with clients within either the net of branches or the net of brokers, providing clients with an information interface.


IS GARANT provides a solution for a pension
company´s back-office.

Information system SOFTIP GARANT supports all operating processes, maintaining low operating costs. It also involves a complex record keeping and administration of contracts and annexes, receiving contributions, management of personal accounts, fund administration, consideration, calculation and payment of pension entitlements and commissions, accounting records, public contribution and other functions. Supported areas of fund processes and activities are as follows:

Contracts and documents
Sales and bonuses
Correspondence and reports
Pensions and benefits
Control and management

It supports the communication with clients within the branch network.

WebGARANT is an upgrade of the basic OLTP SOFTIP GARANT system which via the interface carries out the support of the communication with clients within the branch network (internal, external), provides clients with a direct information support via Internet and supports sales activities (a complex sales support). You can use it as a front-end or independent system or it can be connected to the third parties´ systems.

Sales support
Policyholder´s contact and account
Complex processing of clients
Users and access rights

WebGarant application is designed for the following groups of users, clients and fund partners

Participants (policyholders)
Fund´s branch network employees

SOFTIP GARANT reflects many years of experience in a variety of pension companies.

Zoltán Špila

Operational Director, ESS Division, SOFTIP, a.s.

Product support

Ján Cukor

Product Manager SOFTIP GARANT

SOFTIP GARANT architecture

SOFTIP GARANT information system has a three level architecture designed using the JavaEE6 technology and uses the Oracle V11g database, JBOSS application server.

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