Service Outsourcing

Outsource some of your business activities. We can unburden your organization and improve the productivity of your company.

Focus on your core business

The verb “to outsource“ means, in fact, “to obtain goods or services from an outside supplier“. It covers a wide spectrum of activities, from information system administration, economic data processing, marketing activities, purchasing, establishment and administration of companies to providing applications and virtual data rooms.

Cut the costs

Outsourcing is one of the possibilities to control costs and improve the productivity in your company.

Choose our professionals

All services outsourced by SOFTIP are covered by professionals with a rich source of knowledge and expertise in the given field.

Implement the latest technology

You don´t have to invest significant amounts of money to use the most recent innovations in technology. Just use them.

It is a matter of confidence and expertise

Outsourcing is a confidence converted into a business relationship. We have a lot of competencies and we do what we are good at. This is the reason why you should cooperate only with the best partners you can rely on and who will never let you down. SOFTIP provides the highest quality expertise. We are trendsetters, we shape, help and advise.

Our outsourcing service can simplify your business

Since September 2004 SOFTIP has been providing its customers with personnel and payroll agenda outsourcing connected to the attendance system and existing ERP system.

Payroll agenda processing
Processing and maintenance of personnel agenda
Hiring technical resources

Use our top professionals´ service

Covering service in the area of information technologies with permanent contracts would be economically unprofitable and inefficient.

Service Level Agreement
IT services negotiation
Cloud Solution Provider´s service
Hiring computer equipment

"Thanks to SOFTIP we can focus our attention on the employees rather than the paperwork.”

Zuzana Bodzanová

HR Manager SK, CZ, HU, Metsa Tissue Slovakia s.r.o.

System support

Do you have other requirements? Do you need any specific functions? We will create any solution to fit your business needs.

Jana Holbíková

Project Manager Specialist
SOFTIP Service

  • reduced investment costs of IS/IT operation.
  • reduced operation costs.
  • shift of responsibility for correct IS/IT functioning and payroll processing to a specialized supplier.
  • confidentiality - protection of data on employees´ payment details.
  • regular application updates and supervision of the legal environment.

  • professional management of information technologies by certified experts.
  • many years of experience on the IT market. 
  • personnel and payroll management - SHR is our own product.
  • processing of personnel and payroll agenda by specialized workers.
  • substitutability in case of workforce deficit.
  • early supply of the legal environment for the whole net of our SHR customers.
  • clear procedures in relation to the project implementation (process-oriented).
  • implementation of the best HR solution.
  • complete system outsourcing (on our premises).
  • managing remote operation - monitoring and operation of the whole system (on the customer´s premises).
  • process-oriented consultancy.
  • SOFTIP is a significant software supplier with an active versioning policy.
  • if you decide on our solution you will gain a supplier with a wide range of products, solid financial basis and experience.
  • if you choose our solution, you will gain a reliable planning process for your financial resources in future.

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