A portal solution to empower teamwork includes the corporate intranet, document and file processing, social networking for employees or different analytical tools for business.

Intelligent intranet

Microsoft SharePoint is a robust application platform with a wide variety of possibilities. Except for the intranet, it can administer your documents and their non-paper approval, or it can find any data across the whole company content. It supports teamwork, project managing and sharing of calendars and other data among your colleagues and superiors.

Tidy documentation and information

The company intranet is an ideal platform to save, share and manage a large amount of corporate documents and information in one place - internal directives, ISO documentation, incoming and outgoing mail, communication with employees via announcements and researches, interesting hyperlinks, common room, car etc. resource sharing.

Transparent document approval

Automation of approvals and processes linked to orders, applications or invoices reduces the circulation of paper documents and the risk of their loss and makes the whole process much more transparent. All employees involved in the process have information on their requirement progress in each moment All documentation is simultaneously archived by the system.

Better cooperation of teams

Several users can work on the same document or project simultaneously. Meanwhile the system saves the respective versions of the document so that it is easy to get back to the documents and compare them anytime. Mail notifications on document changes and generation are included.

What will you gain?

A reliable platform which makes your corporate information available in one place and which empowers the cooperation of teams and automates your processes. The shared content will be available to all employees involved in the process according to predefined criteria, respective departments or their correspondence to tasks or projects. Get non-paper communication and nobody will use old document versions anymore. You will save time and costs of work processes related to the settlement of invoices, orders and other documents.

Microsoft SharePoint is used by more than 200,000 companies.

Its possibilities are limitless. From the corporate intranet for your internal communication, teamwork, sharing of documents till the Document Management System (DMS).

Our products are tailored to your needs

We offer our rich experience with the Microsoft SharePoint solutions provided to hundreds of users in the area of order approvals, invoice settlement, mail records, processes linked to the familiarization with directives and ISO documentation, contract and order records or reservation system.

Invoice approval
Order approval
Incoming and outgoing mail records
Reservation system

„Invoice management has never been easier."

Ing. Ľubomír Taška

Technical and Operations Manager, Slovenská autobusová doprava Žilina

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