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Invest in information technology - effectively and with a clear long-term vision. Create your own strategy with our experts.

Why you should choose SOFTIP

If you want to be 100% sure that SOFTIP is the right supplier for you, then our experience, awards and recognized competencies will speak for us.

Cooperate with the best partners

Our awards for implementations and solutions or our certificates of competence bestowed to our experts guarantee your satisfaction.

Wide range of services

Over the past 30 years SOFTIP has helped hundreds of companies fulfil a wide range of needs. Take your advantage.

Long-term support

Our services are not limited only to licensing. You can count on our long-term support, providing you with the advantage of our newest possibilities.

Global IT leaders' partner

We are the official partner of the most influential tech leaders.

We design our solutions from the basement to the roof

Our awareness of the customers´ and users´ needs is the basis for our system and solution development. From the first draft to the final testing and implementation, including technical and technological infrastructure delivery and instant support. We guarantee that our solution really work.

Complex service and security projects

In relation to the data protection we can provide a complex service and drawing up of security projects.

Preventing data theft and illegal access
Full compliance with legislation
Minimization of threats

Maximize the benefit of your IT resources

It isn´t easy to maximize the efficiency and the advantage of the respective IT tools and processes in a company. You´d rather leave it to the experts.

Take advantage of our experts
Save your money
Devote yourself to your business

Achieve the ideal IT situation respecting your financial possibilities

Using proven IT audit methodology, our experts can identify all potential risks in your business. Consequently, they will design a strategy to ensure the fulfilment of all legislative and safety requirements, as well as all internal requirements resulting from your company processes.

We can identify risks
We design solutions
We will introduce efficiency
Compliance with legislation

Excellent technical and technological infrastructure

We are a successful long-term supplier of technical and technological infrastructure at the suitable qualitative level and we cooperate with the most significant global IT leaders.

Complex solutions
Get the best
Optimal configuration
Non-conflicting operation
We respect the nature

The ideal scenario and implementation of the IT infrastructure virtualization

We design and implement the ideal scenario providing the implementation of the IT virtualization.

Save more
Get more

Smooth communication between different technologies, applications or platforms

Nowadays, there is almost no company using only single-purpose information systems containing all vital data. On the contrary, the pressure on the mutual smooth communication between different technologies, applications or platforms is growing to provide the up-to-date and consistent data.

Acceleration and simplification
Save your resources
Consistent data

System support

We can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the Concepts for the IT development in details.

Patrik Nota

CES Division Operations Director

  • Reduction of IS/IT operational investment costs.
  • Reduction of operational costs.
  • Shifting the responsibility for the correct IT/IS operation and payroll processing to a specialized provider.
  • Confidentiality – protection of information on employees´ payroll details.
  • Regular updates of applications and monitoring of the appropriate legislative environment.

  • Professional administration of information technology by our certified experts.
  • Many years of experience in the IT market. 
  • Substitutability in case of workforce deficit.
  • Clear proceeding during a project implementation (process-oriented).
  • On-premises remote management– monitoring and operation of the whole system (if the system is located on customer´s premises).
  • Process-oriented consultancy.
  • SOFTIP is a significant software supplier with an active versioning policy.
  • By choosing our solution you will get a supplier with a great scope of products, safe financial base and experience for your future.
  • By choosing our solution you will obtain a safe process for planning your financial resources.

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