Office 365

Office that you know enriched with tools to support collaboration. Available on all devices and in the cloud.

Why is SOFTIP worthy of being engaged for Office 365?

If you want to be 100% sure that your means and tools are going to fulfil all your expectations, it is important to choose the right implementation partner. Our awards, experience and acknowledged competencies are a good reason to choose SOFTIP.

We supplied the best Office 365 solution

SOFTIP obtained its 9th victory in a row in the Microsoft Industry Awards competition for implementing Office 365 on the Microsoft Azure platform in MEDUSA Group. We won in the category „Best Cloud Office 365 Enterprise Solution“.

We are an acknowledged Microsoft partner

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we received up to 5 designations out of six possible: Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, Infrastructure, Modern Work and Security. We are also a multiple of the Microsoft Partner of the Year.

We will advise you on how to find the best solution

Looking for the new possibilities of using the latest technologies is what we understand, enjoy and what can fulfil us. We can help you find the most suitable solution which will make your business work efficiently and will reduce your costs.

Our services are not limited to licences

We have supplied thousands of Office 365 licences. However, our services are not limited only to the licences. You can count on a long-term support which will fully provide you with the latest possibilities and functions of this cloud solution.

Learn more about Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud service package based on the subscription which will provide you with the access to the newest functions of the office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...) for 5 devices, 50 GB mailbox, shared calendars, instant messages, video conferencing, Yammer enterprise social network and sharing files via 1TB OneDrive data storage.

Office that you know has been enriched by several tools to support the cooperation

Office 365 unifies the familiar environment of a classic MS Office service package desktop and the corporate e-mail service, shared calendars, instant messages, video conferencing and file sharing.

Office is always with you
Sharing of documents
E-mails and calendars
Online meetings
Team cooperation

Online meeting scheduler

This new Office 365 application schedules and manages your meetings with customers and provides a quick and easy alternative for booking your meetings by phone.

More comfortable approach for everybody
Less missed meetings
Always available

Everything you need to know about your clients anytime and anywhere

Imagine that all your client details are available to you right now. The whole history of your relationship from your first contact and communication, marketing campaign and sales process to the following support and care. A modern CRM will refresh your business.

Up-to-date and complex information
Manage your sales process efficiently
Targeted marketing campaigns
On-line connection
Create your own records
Licence levels

Improve your team´s cooperation, enhance the productivity and save your time and money

Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) is a platform for unified communication integrating e-mails, instant messages, presentations, voice and video. Its conception consists in unifying communication technologies (hardware and software) into one clear and user-friendly unit.

Instant messages and presence
Video conferencing
Skype meetings

A safe data storage for your company

SharePoint Online provides SharePoint functions without related overhead costs of your infrastructure administration.

Availability on multiple devices
Easy administration
Reliability and standards

Work smarter anywhere thanks to the e-mail hosting

Security and reliability
Permanent control
Easy to use and maintain

A complete view of your business

Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a tool for the enterprises wishing to have a single view of a large amount of data using the cloud.

Data collection
Data model shaping
Creating reports
Saving reports
Uploading and publishing of reports

Product support

Our Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner competency guarantees our best practice and expertise in deploying Office 365 cloud solutions.

Ján Schwarz

Technical Director SOFTIP, a. s

Microsoft Bookings - New Office 365 application

New possibilities of the Office 365 along with the applications of the newly released Office 2016 package provide your company with the advantages of the most comprehensive and elaborated solution to communicate and to work in cloud, Office 365 services.

More than 90% of companies ranked in the Fortune 500 list and according to Redmond almost 75% of the largest banks use Microsoft Cloud. „One year ago, none of the banks wanted to be the first and now none of them wants to be the last to use the cloud,“ says Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Cloud solutions. And how has the Microsoft Cloud platform succeeded in gaining the confidence of the most conservative companies? Here is the list of 7 reasons why the large companies rely on the Microsoft Cloud.

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