AddOn Production

An effective tool for preparation, planning and production management that markedly extends functionality of the SAP Business One information system.

Information system for small and medium-sized enterprises

AddOn Production extends functionality of SAP Business One by record-keeping and management of production. This AddOn has been developed by the company GT Systems 2 (since 1 January 2018, as a part of SOFTIP, a.s.) with the aim to optimise production management primarily in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Speed and flexibility

Comprehensive overview of the business processes from the first contact with the customer, through job order, purchase and production, up to delivery of the final product to the customer

Enterprise growth thanks to the right information

An easy solution that enables continuous overview of the production status, the workplace capacities utilisation, meeting labour standards of the workers and other relevant values

Unified user interface

User interface of the whole system, working on top of the common database and simplifying the work with the system

Adjusted to your needs

Thanks to continuous connection of the processes in production to the standard processes, SAP® Business One will be adjusted to your needs in a flexible manner.

Easy and efficient

An easy and quick method how to move from a bid and elaboration of production documentation, through job order entering into production, up to work distribution to the employees and the assigned work checking off by barcode readers.

AddOn Production

The module extends the options of the SAP Business One information system. It is designed for elaboration of technological procedures, bills of materials with the option to add drawing documentation and tools, creation of variant and parametric documentations, generating and monitoring of the production job orders in process, calculation, cooperation, comparison of the planned and actual costs, work assignment and production check off while using barcode readers. Various production reports are available, as well as overview of the capacities for individual workplaces, overview regarding the work volume based on the entered criteria and many others.

AddOn Production benefits

SAP Business One implementations in combination with AddOn Production in the given enterprise provides a great amount of advantages.

The right information for growth
Cost reduction
Integration and mobile access to your data
Adjustment to your needs

Production documentation modules

Bill of materials
Technological procedure
Drawing documentation
Parametric and variant documentation
Technical specification of the price

Production preparation modules

Schedule of job orders
Planning job order

Production management modules

Work supply
Production job order
Receipt and dispatch of material
Record-keeping of rejected products
Production check-off
Correction of the times being checked off

"Immediate overview of the production work-in-process, production costs and the work performed by the workers"

Ing. Miroslav Lazorík

prokurista, AWU Precision Slovakia k.s.

Product support

We can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the Addon Production

Jozef Kriška

Product manager
SOFTIP Addon Production

Several sample screens from the information system

On January 1st, 2018 the companies GT Systems 2, s.r.o. and SOFTIP, a. s.were merged; the GT Systems 2 company was terminated without liquidation and was merged with SOFTIP, a. s. The surviving legal company, SOFTIP, a. s., has taken over all rights and commitments of the merged company. Currently, SOFTIP, a.s. takes care of the employees, products and contracts of GT Systems 2.

Some of our customers are:

By the end of 2017, when the company GTSystems 2 became a part of SOFTIP, implementations were made under the 2 headings::

Implementations under the heading of SOFTIP, a.s..
DIN Technik; Lutz; Poly; Tuchyna Vytahy; Stavex; DKI Plast; OMNIA KLF; Attack

Implementations under the heading of GTSystems 2, s.r.o.
Relax 2000; EXAL; AWU Precision; Canor; Pipeco; Qproduct; Hirjak Hardwood; MAD; VAS; Global Business; VVED; CPS; ...

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