SOFTIP Consolidation

Information system for quick and repeated drawing up of a consolidation package

Public administration

Quick and repeated drawing up of your consolidation package!

SOFTIP CONS information system allows quick and repeated drawing up of your consolidation package according to the applicable legislative regulations. Depending on the amount of data and the correctness of adjusted definitions, it can take less than 1 hour to draw up the package. This gives space to the factual control and contributes to improve the quality of your final data.

Central consolidated database

SOFTIP CONS permits automated download and aggregation of data into one central consolidated database.

Accounting transaction approval

The approval form enables you to approve reciprocal accounting transactions.

Generation of reports and related imports

This application also allows you to generate basic reports prescribed by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, as well as automatically import your data directly from the reports into the consolidation package file. Subsequently, it is possible to export it and send to the State´s unified accounting IS.

Complex overview

The generation of consolidation algorithms presents a complex overview of consolidation data.

SOFTIP CONS contents

The functionality follows up the SOFTIP PROFIT information system, which gives the possibility of building a data warehouse, consisting of data provided by each accounting entity.

SOFTIP CONS belongs to the group of upgraded information systems.

Consolidation package
Consolidation reports
Unitary chart of accounts and statements
System administration and management


quick and repeated drawing up of the consolidation package

preliminary drawing up of the consolidation package before closing the books contributes to minimise any corrections after submitting the financial statements

continuous approval of reciprocal relations among accounting entities of a consolidation unit

online information on mutual costs and profits, assets, receivables and payables in relation to the respective accounting entity of a consolidation unit

sumarizovanie a tlač podkladov pre odsúhlasenie členené podľa subjektov súhrnného celku, podľa IČO, druhu majetku a záväzkov

access to your reports via common internet browser

compliance with the Slovak legislation

Target customers

The benefits provided by the information system “Consolidation” will be appreciated mainly by subjects acting in the public administration area:

Ministries and other central bodies of the Public Administration

Budgetary and contributory organisations of the Central State Administration

Cities, municipalities, higher territorial self-governing units and their budgetary and contributory organisations

Public universities, health insurance companies, state funds and others

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