SOFTIP AUDIT - Internal audits quick & easy

Comprehensive planning and processing of internal audits as a key part of your company management according to the requirements listed in the EN ISO 19011:2011, the guideline for auditing management systems.

Internal audits quick & easy

SOFTIP AUDIT is a web application for internal auditors. It is designed to make your internal audit plans quick and easy, to record your scheduled internal audits using the predefined map and the checklist (definition of areas/processes, standards and requirements/questions).
It is an easy tool to “rate“ particular questions and to calculate the evaluation of coherence.
The tool offers a mobile application to record oral texts produced during the audit, their transcription into written texts, as well as to record any findings and other audit information.

All documents in one place

A possibility to store your documents in a single electronic format having a direct access to them within the records of audits and incentives.

Coloured monitoring of your audit progress

It is possible to set different coloured schemes for any audit state, as well as for visual monitoring of different states related to your recorded audits and incentives.

Transcription of oral communication into a written text

The application can tape any oral text directly during the audit, transcribing it automatically into a written text and saving it for the purposes of recording the audit results.

Connection with the organizational structure

The possibility to define the audit subject based on the company organizational structure, internal auditors and process owners among the employees.

Preparing output documents

The application includes the predefined templates with the possibility to modify them easily according to the customer´s requirement for the audit output documents (audit records, audit order).

Everything in one place

The most important benefit of the system implementation is to make your internal audit records (all in one place) clear and to make their recording quicker and simpler. The application makes easier the preparation of the output documents and reports, as well as it streamlines the process of sending the mail notifications and monitoring the audit solutions

SOFTIP AUDIT consists of a web and mobile application.

Office web application
Mobile application

The applications cover every process related to the internal audit.

Preparations for internal audits
Execution of internal audits
Solving discrepancies


Clear audit and incentive records in one place

Easy audit preparation

Considerable time reduction during the audit process

All related documents saved along with the audit or incentive

Clear audit and incentive records with coloured status highlights

Word documents preparation based on the data according to the customer´s template

Mail notifications with the link to the specific place for recording the results

Logging changes

System support

I can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the SOFTIP AUDIT in your company.

Zoltán Špila

Operational Director, ESS Division

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