Information system for financial project management

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Project financial management is a solution created by SOFTIP, a.s., providing a complex management and monitoring of project development, particularly economic evaluation of actual costs. These preconditions are essential for state or private organisations which monitor the real financial status of their projects, as well as the absorption of EU structural funds and which apply for non-repayable funding and prove eligibility of costs declared in relation to the project.

Non-eligible costs

Prevent your organisation from bearing with non-eligible cost items by avoiding their arising.

Basic documentation in real time

Have your project finances and basic documentation for audit institutions under control and provide it in real time.

Minimal laboriousness

Submit project-related eligible cost items to the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic with a minimal laboriousness.

SOFTIP FRP contents

SOFTIP employees have years of hands-on experience in the area of implementation of projects related to project financial management, providing professional solutions in a variety of organisations and institutions, including significant organisations of social affairs, culture and environment.

Complex management and monitoring of project development and economic assessment.

Project and project team record-keeping and documentation
Maintenance of records concerning expenditure and payment applications
Budget breakdown and record-keeping
Financial evaluation of a plan


prevention of non-eligible costs

reduction of administration costs

unified administration of projects

immediate access to the relevant economic data related to projects

elimination of errors, e.g. unpaid personnel costs (holidays, sick leave, duplicate reporting) allocated to a specific project

different forms of control, e.g. regarding particular contracts and incoming invoices

possibility of data export, choosing the format that best suits your needs (MS Excel, MS Word, XML, etc.).

advantages of the connection with other SOFTIP applications (e.g. SOFTIP IPP)

cloud solution advantages, i.e. no need to be bothered with technical and system elements or application administration

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I can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the SOFTIP FRP system in details.

Zoltán Špila

Operational Director, ESS Division

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