SOFTIP SIMBIZ - Economic simulation game

Online education on economic theory via the enterprise management simulation suitable for universities and academies, vocational schools and entrepreneurship courses.

Economic simulation game

SOFTIP SIMBIZ is a web application for a standardized education process on economic theory supported by the simulation of the real economic phenomena. Future managers or enterprise owners can use the application to evaluate present status, choose a strategy to meet the given economic goals and to assess the effectiveness of the decisions they made.

Understanding management decision making

The students will understand the reasons for their failure and success. They can model the future behaviour of their own enterprise, competitors and market.

Ready for all situations

The lecturers can define any economic conditions for the simulation and create any market situation necessary to understand the curriculum.

Working with real data

It is possible to interconnect the data available for free and to connect the real data of any enterprise with a virtual simulated world.

Clear feedback

The students and their lecturers keep an active communication and interactively compare the results.

Learning by play

SOFTIP SIMBIZ gives a new dimension to the economic theory education – from memorizing facts and theoretical principles to practical solutions and modelling of a real situation in a particular enterprise / organization. Students can create scenarios and their solutions according to the real business practices.

Practice-ready graduates

The modern technologies bring a lot of new possibilities for a continuous interconnection of the education process with the real practice. In the fields of study as finances, economics, management, marketing and sales it is impossible to carry out the situation experiments in real enterprises and markets. One of the most effective ways how to visualize the impact of management decisions is to use a simulation game.

Limitless communication
Instant results
Responsibility for decisions
Reality simulations
Limitless mobility

How does it work?

Simulation games connect the real data with the virtual world, using the natural human competitiveness as a motivator to learn.

Lecturers define
Students solve
Lecturers assess

„Latest technology rather than books is what this generation tends to prefer as a tool for learning."

Vladimír Úradníček

Vice-dean for Science and Research Activities, Faculty of Economics, Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica

System support

I can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use economic simulation game SOFTIP SIMBIZ in details.

Bibiana Sotáková

Consultant Specialist

SOFTIP SIMBIZ presentation at the UNIVERSITY DAY conference in Jasná.

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