Metasonic Suite

A software platform designed to develop and manage process-oriented applications for a complex automation and business process management.

Tune your business

Many organisations have already invested significant amount of euros into process description and process map creation effort. These attempts have often led in a large pile of documentation full of complicated diagrams and descriptions, finally ending in a table drawer or serving, at least, as a basis for further development of IT systems followed by more or less successful implementation.

With Metasonic® Suite the mentioned risk scenarios will be reduced. It is a platform which, while creating a process model, automatically generates the framework for the future application. Due to this, it is possible to immediately verify the logic of the process recently created, achieving a high overall efficiency of the generation of applications.

reduction of time spent on development of IT applications

by 40 - 60%

reduction of the period for process administration

by 30 - 70%

reduction of costs for development of IT applications

by 60 - 80%

increase of a process throughput

by 20 - 30%

Business Process Management can be much simpler

Metasonic® Suite is a software platform designed to develop and manage process-oriented applications for a complex automation and business process management. Unlike other similar products, it is mainly characterised by a fast development and flexible change administration during the whole lifecycle of applications created in this product. SOFTIP is a VAR Partner of the software German producer, Metasonic GmbH.

Revolutionary changes versus traditional methodologies

The exceptional feature of Metasonic® Suite consists in using a unique patented methodology S-BPM (Subject-oriented Business Process Management,). S-BPM presents a revolutionary change in comparison to the traditional Business Process Management methodologies.

Using only 5 graphical symbols for modelling
IT operation cost savings by 30%
Process modelling means programming
Own point of view
Communication is essential
Modelling language is very similar to the common one

Target customers

Metasonic® Suite has been implemented into practice in organisations of all sizes, from medium-sized enterprises till industrial giants or the largest organisations. The extent of utilization includes the key processes with work flow character, requiring the automation.

IT, telecommunications and services

public administration sector, publishing companies

production organisations, automotive, electrical engineering

financial institutions

Product support

We willingly offer you our help to deal with the business process management and the advantages provided by Metasonic® in your company. SOFTIP is a VAR Partner of a German software producer, Metasonic GmbH.

Zoltán Špila

Operational Director, ESS Division

Find out what makes Metasonic cool!

Metasonic Touch modelling table presents an exclusive innovation, providing users, even those without great IT skills, an easy and elegant way to define the business logic of their own applications.

  • exceptional tailor-made software solution according to your needs
  • objectivity due to the process performance measurement based on the KPI
  • instant solution created in extremely short time (prototype ready up to 3-4 weeks)
  • by standardising their work, the employees will perform offectively and in the right way
  • optimisation of processes based on facts and figures from real process performance and not on benchmarking and best practices
  • concordance of internal processes with given standards of ITIL®, ISO, SixSigma...,

By engaging the future users into the creation of the solution, you will enhance their motivation to accept the latest tools, improve them and to use them effectively.

The modelling table Metasonic® Touch presents an alternative for a team work as how to analyse or model a process. Jeho využitím sa celý proces stáva veľmi atraktívny pre používateľov. Viac o modelovacom stole sa dozviete v priloženom videu.

Organisation life overview – you can follow the status of the respective tasks being performed (the task development status, person by whom it is being performed and the time since when it has been performed…) and you will receive a just-in-time alert notification to capture any discrepancy regarding given deadlines so that you can take necessary measures, even via mobile or tablet.

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