Information system for complex enterprise management in small and medium-sized businesses.

A popular information system for smaller companies

SOFTIP PACKET is an information system providing full management service for any small and mid-sized enterprise. It is divided in several applications which guarantee its variability; you can create specific setups according to your needs.

It provides

an overview of a company, financial results and information on your production processes in real time.

It calculates

Vypočítať dane, daňové priznanie, stav pohľadávok? Áno, vybavené.

It communicates

B2B electronic exchange of business and financial documents, including electronic signatures.

It generates

Statements according to existing legislation with an output for financial management, Treasury and RISSAM information system.


The most significant advantage of SOFTIP PACKET is the possibility to manage and store data in one place.

Business and financial management tools

Applications covering economic and other activities of a company.

Budgetary accounting
Cash register
Low-value tangible assets
Capital goods

Reliable management and processing of logistics processes

Applications that cover logistics and business processes.

Sales management
Supply management

Rich functionality for your comfortable work

SOFTIP PACKET is fully integrated into the Microsoft Windows operating system. It takes advantage of the Windows benefits and respects its safety parameters.

Uniform code lists
E-mail client
Work with *.pdf
User overviews

"SOFTIP PACKET is a complex system which we can always rely on."

Eduard Mička

Head of IT Department, Nitrazdroj, a.s.

System support

I can help you find the answers to the most important questions and learn how to use the SOFTIP PACKET in details

Iveta Koterbová

Project Manager

Thanks to its features SOFTIP PACKET has always been ahead of its time. Its users appreciate it despite its older technology, since the system performs correctly and reliably and it is also very clear and user-friendly.

We guarantee the IS SOFTIP PACKET support for all our contractual customers until the platform, on which the system is being run, is supported by the new standards. When the technology support finishes, we will announce it in advance and we will help the customers shift to a new information system.

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